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COMPLETE: Activism

COMPLETE: Activism

posted by JoColes on Mon, Jul 30, 2012




Child trafficking and exploitation are in part fueled by sex tourism.  Increasingly, to our frustration, this trend in tourism is becoming more and more prevalent.  At the fringes of this trend, pedophiles are using mainstream means to exploit children.


Our Director of Asia Prevention, Dr. Glenn Miles, recently advised us that has been selling a book that has become particularly problematic.  Age of Consent: A Sex Tourists Guide is popular amongst men abusing and exploiting children, particularly in Southeast Asia



Here's the Action


We are encouraging Love146 Task Forces and our other friends to ask Amazon to remove this title and consider ways they could better screen their product offering to ensure they are doing what they can to protect children.


We are not encouraging a boycott.  In the past we have found Amazon to be willing to remove titles that exploit children.  We would rather seek to work with them cooperatively for change.  At the same time, another benefit to engaging people on this Action Item is encouraging your community to consider how, and with who, you spend your money.

Step 1: Send a letter to Jeff Bezos and Christopher North, President and CEO of and

In the Resources section is a sample letter for groups or individuals to send to Jeff Bezos, President and CEO of and to Christopher North, President and CEO of  We encourage you to use this or follow this template closely.  If you want, drop your Task Force logo on it … but that is not necessary.  We think that if Amazon gets a number of these letters and they all look a little different, we will be more personal, than “campaign like”.

You can download the sample letter to Jeff Bezos (USA) here:


You can download the sample letter to Christopher North (UK) here:


Step 2: Call Amazon to ask for change

You can also make a phone call Amazon to ask for change.  Many times an organization will consider one phone call to be worth a number of letters. 866-216-1072 (press 4) or outside the US 206-266-2992 (press 4)


If you call please be supportive and polite. 

Here is a sample sound bite:


“I’m calling because I really like doing business with Amazon, but I’m concerned that the company could be doing more to protect children.  You are currently selling a book called Age of Consent: A Sex Tourists Guide.  Both in the content of the book and the way you are promoting its, this product creates opportunities for pedophiles to pursue sex with children.  As an Amazon customer, I’m hoping Amazon will consider dropping this title and consider ways that the company to better protect children going forward.  Thanks so much for listening and being willing to pass on my concern to whomever might be able to affect change.”


Step 3: Email Jeff Bezos and Christopher North

Follow up your letter and call to with an email to Jeff Bezos.  The sample template for the letter can be used for the email as well.  While we understand that it is much more convenient to send an email, we encourage you to write a letter or call if you can-- it speaks much more powerfully, and is more difficult to ignore.


Jeff Bezos (USA):

Christopher North (UK):


Step 4: Future Action 

We may elect to pursue Amazon in an organized way using social media later.  At this time we would prefer you not do that.  We would like to use phone calls, letters and emails in a more understated approach, before we publically do any instigating!


Step 5: Spread the word!

Send this information to your contacts. Host a letter write-a-thon in your community to make sure Amazon hears from many voices.


If you have any questions about engaging Amazon with your Task Force or another group, feel free to contact one of the admins.




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inhisgrace7's picture


Sat, Aug 04, 2012

Yes, the one book is off. But there are others by this same author. Amazon Digital Services is the publisher. Most likely they don't even know these books are being sold via their stores. Because anyone can write a book and self publish through Amazon. There is another author with the same types of books on there. c. Michael Hall, Peter F Friedmann. See this link to contact amazon about their digital department

Elaine Kim

Fri, Aug 03, 2012

Update: WE DID IT! The title was taken down today!

inhisgrace7's picture


Sat, Aug 04, 2012

elaine see my comment right above this :-) and ugh!

SurinderMoore's picture


Thu, Aug 02, 2012

When a predator makes their way to Jeff or Christophers kids they may listen.


Thu, Aug 02, 2012

You are welcome Tasha. Thank you for your support!

tashamkell's picture


Thu, Aug 02, 2012

Thanks so much for posting this action opportunity. Such an easy way to make a loud statement as a collective group!