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Love146 Task Forces are groups of volunteers, who meet at least monthly, and are engaged in the Abolition Movement.

These Task Forces are committed to becoming locally educated groups on the issue of human trafficking, raising awareness for Love146 and the Abolition Movement, becoming activists for local and international efforts to end trafficking, and annually raising funding for the work of Love146.

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Here's an update from Bonnie of the Lancaster, PA Task Force talking about "Sweet Relief," the annual bake-off they host every year for Valentines Day:



Thoughts of Valentine’s Day conjure images of love, loved ones, and of course, sweets. The 3rd Annual Sweet Relief Bake-Off at Lancaster, PA’s Trust Performing Arts Center on February 14, 2014 delivered on all those traditions, with a twist – the 230 attendees learned more about the crime of child sex trafficking and the work of Love146.


Through their ticket purchase, silent auction bids, and use of social media, guests contributed to Love146’s work, while enjoying exquisite desserts from 10 local bakers, wine and coffee all donated by generous local businesses.


The evening’s success was voiced by Lancaster Love146 task force leader Kelly Towers, “I know that new eyes were opened to child sex trafficking but also to the hope provided by Love146; because of our efforts and money raised, more preventative programs will be developed right here in the U.S!” Valentine’s Day just got that much sweeter.



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Running a marathon can help cover her tuition costs.

Joining a cycling event can support his education.

Hosting a 5k can sustain their caregiver training.

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